New World of Warcraft Forums

WoW Forum Icon Blizzard’s forum software has always sucked balls. It was about time that they re-code it and give it a face lift. Well, they have released their new forum Beta test for World of Warcraft, check it out! Features:

  • New design
  • New Avatars
  • Most Valuable Poster (MVP) Status*
  • A Search that works (their non-working search had always pissed me off)
  • Faster

*Most Valuable Poster (MVP) Status
To participate in Blizzard Entertainment’s MVP program, one must be a positive influence to the forum community in helping other users, as well as regularly active. If you meet this criteria, and the community team views such actions on a regular basis, there is a possibility you may be asked to participate in the program. Very few people are chosen for this honorary role, which may be revoked by Blizzard at any time. Please do not contact us requesting to be a MVP.

Good work Blizzard! Keep it up!

UPDATE: I guess I’m a tool, MVP status has been around a while. I suppose its just uses SUPER rarely.


World of Warcraft, as I’ve mentioned before is a very popular game. WoW, however, is more than just the game aspect…it is extremely social. Players can create guilds – which are organizations in game – and participate in a variety of player created events and interactions with other players. Guilds typically create websites (like this one: Crimson Eagles) to allow these players to communicate, strategize, complain, and brag.

The websites are great…but the drawback is that those websites tend to be closed to those outside the guild, preventing others from seeing how players interact. Enter Leetster. The MySpace or Facebook of the WoW world. Leetster is a web based community site allowing players to create accounts and browse other users that play. Through the site, you can post screenshots, images, links, likes, dislikes, characters, etc. You can add friends and enemies and even use Leetster as a guild website!

The developers oaf and Pakhuda are from the Bleeding Hollow server and seem pretty savvy with JSP (their language of choice for the application) and have been using some pretty snazzy Ajax features for editing your data. Another sweet feature is the ability to completely customize your profile. Here’s mine.

A word of warning, this site is very open…so be aware that rough language may abound and flaming on the forums is typical…but overall its a pretty good time. Its nice to see the faces behind the characters! Since its creation, it has been open to the Bleeding Hollow server for testing but a day or so ago they opened it up to the rest of the WoW community. If you haven’t checked it out, do so! Its a good time!