Star Wars, Backstroke of the West

Engrish. Gotta love it. It seems that there is a copy of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith floating around on DVD that is a recording from the theater when it aired. As luck would have it, it was dubbed to Chinese, then had English subtitles placed across the bottom. The great news? Well, the english subtitles were translated from the Chinese. The results are hilarious. Check out this article to see the images.

Its also nice to see that General Grievous calls Anakin a “Smell boy” and threatens to feed dog to his troups. We also see extreme battle strategy infused lines like: “Like, reach the man, Good good good let us counter-attacking.” and “You two careful he is big.” And one of my favorites: “The Presbyterian Church like enjoys you not.”

Here are a few rough translations:

Troops becomes Troopseses
Premonitions becomes Pregnancy
Jedi Council becomes Presbyterian Church
They’re all over me becomes He is in my behind

Check out my Backstroke of the West photo set on Flickr.