1.6.2 Released! has announced the release of v1.6.2! This is primarily a bug fix, which is always a good thing. Here’s the change log:

* Fix a problem in the drag and drop logic if an reverting/drag ending draggable was initialized for a new drag (for example by clicking repeatedly) for all cases where the default start/revert/end-effects are used, fixes #4706 [thx tecM0]
* Fix possible memory leaks with Draggables, fixes #3436 [thx aal]
* Throw nicer errors when requires libraries are not loaded, fixes #5339
* Make slider handles work when not displayed initially by using CSS width/height, fixes #4011 [thx foysavas]
* Update sortable functional test with onUpdate counter
* Make more Element extensions unit tests work on Safari
* Add the assertMatch unit test assertion for asserts with RegExps [thx Ian Tyndall]
* Fix a problem with Effect.Move causing “jumping” elements because of very low float numbers in some situations
* Fix a missing semicolon in dragdrop.js, fixes #5569 [thx mackalicious]
* Fix a slight inaccuracy with Effect.Scale that could lead the scaling to be one pixel off
* Be more prototypish with Effect.Transitions.linear
* Make Effect.Scale recognize font sizes that use the pt unit, fixes #4136 [thx aljoscha]
* Fix IE hack in Effect.Opacity, fixes #5444 [thx nicholas]
* Fix IFRAME layout fix for IE and Autocompleter, fixes #5192 [thx tommy skaue]
* Fix only option in onEmptyHover, fiex #5348 [thx glenn nilsson]
* Fix Effect.BlindDown and SwitchOff handling of supplied callbacks, fixes #5089 [thx martinstrom]
* Fix a problem with field focus on Ajax.InPlaceEditor and loading external text, fixes #4988, #5244 [thx rob]
* Do not attempt to scroll if scrollspeed is 0/0, fixes #5035 [thx tomg]
* Fix a problem with Sortable Tree serialization, fixes #4939, #4688, #4767 [thx Sammi Williams]
* Fix an endless loop with sliders, fixes #3226, #4051, #4765 [thx jeff]
* Make autocompleter work with update DIVs that have scrollbars, fixes #4782 [thx Tommy Skaue]
* Corrected options parsing on switchoff effect, fixes #4710 [thx haldini]

Get the latest release over at! v1.6 Released

Great news over at It appears as if version 1.6 of my favorite DOM manipulation library, has been released! Thankfully the new version of uses Prototype v1.5.

This is sexy because now I can revert to downloading both Prototype and right from the site. (Hooray for being lazy)

Here’s an excerpt from the original post: 1.6 marks the switch over to Prototype 1.5 (1.4 will no longer be supported), which has really great new features and has undergone some refactoring to take advantage of the Prototype 1.5 niceties.

Other new stuff includes window-scrolling while dragging, performance optimizations and various bug fixes.

They are urging people to test out 1.6. Get on it!