Bude’s Rip-Out Tunage

Bude tells me that he’s been ripping out in DotA and WoW to this song. In fact, here’s a quote from Bude himself:

This song is f’n dangerous – it gets you pumped so bad you might actually break shit. When the drum beats hit before the solo – watch the FUCK OUT! So if you want something to listen to while you “Flip out and kill stuff” this is it.


If u look at his damn boots he may boot you in the face because they are sooo in. Oh, and make sure to keep your volume down so you don’t tear your door off.

I’ve been ripping out to “Cooking by the Book,” but I figure I’d check it out anyways. Only halfway through I was slamming into walls and ripping my eyes out. If you’re looking for a way to get totally pumped up and dessimate your enemies…your search ends here.

DIO – Rainbow in the Dark. Thank you, that is all.