Wowhead, The New ThottBot

wowheadIf you are a fan of World of Warcraft, there’s a high probability that you have found yourself at Thottbot – a search engine for WoW data – a time or two. My wife and I have used that as a resource for quite some time when trying to find the optimal monster to kill for a given item, the location of a hard-to-find NPC, etc. Thottbot was our one-stop-shop.

Enter Wowhead. (Yes, that’s the correct spelling)

What is Wowhead? Its basically a sexy-looking Thottbot. It provides:

  • A clean and usable interface
  • Colors that more closely jive with the feel of WoW
  • Item/Profession/Class information
  • Embeddable Talent Calculator (you can put the calculator on your site)
  • Periodic contests

What is really exciting at Wowhead is that they plan to create a set of APIs for Developers. I have some ideas that I’d love to accomplish with WoW data, however, it would seem silly to re-create the wheel and create my own Thottbot/Wowhead. Creating a WoW mashup would be much more desirable. I’ll be watching and waiting with fingers crossed.