Delete/Backspace Stops Working in Oracle SQLDeveloper

I a huge fan of Oracle SQL Developer but I ran into an issue a while back that left me scratching my head and re-installing. The issue? Most key strokes other than letters and numbers failed to function. Yeah…no delete or backspace.

When this issue happened a second time I did a little playing with the app and figured out what to do. If you find yourself in a similar predicament simply do this:

  1. Open SQL Developer
  2. Click on the Tools > Preferences menu
  3. Click on Accelerators on the left
  4. Click the Load Preset… button

Yup. That’s it. The only lame part about that is all your custom key bindings go away and must be re-done. But that is much nicer than re-installing!

Deleting the Internet

I am always talking about deleting the internet. I have finally written a script that will traverse the ENTIRE internet (regardless of security) and delete everything. We’re talking images, video, text documents, pdfs, security files, EVERYTHING. It took me a while to code, but I believe it will work. I have not yet tested it as I don’t want to be the one targeted by the media. If you feel so inclined to test the script: click here.

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