Kruger National Park: Buffalo vs Lions vs Crocodiles

Jason Schlosberg and David Budzinski, from National Geographic, found themselves in an amazing filming opportunity in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. While filming at a watering hole, a group of lionesses attacked a young water buffalo, throwing him into the water. As the lionesses began to drag the buffalo out, a crocodile found interest in the situation and snapped at the lions and young calf.

The lions struggled to keep their meal by pulling the poor calf onto dry ground only to be met by a rescue squad…the entire herd of water buffalo! Angered by the attack on their calf, the water buffalo sprang into action, executing ninja like moves on the unsuspecting lionesses; chasing, kicking, and flinging. Check it out:

The capture of such footage was quite amazing. This exhibited a protectiveness that I had grown to think was not present due to the numerous other herd-footage documentaries. From what I had seen in the past, when lions attacked and grabbed a young one, the herd would typically give up the young for dead. Not this time! Go Water Buffalo! w00t w00t!

Thanks to Dee for telling me about this video!