Groovy Creative Cow Action

cows1It was a bad case of the Fridays. What is a guy to do when he needs his 15 minutes of procrastination? He googles. Yup. I did a Google image search for ‘Cow’ and came across Ben & Jerry’s Action Toy Cow. Ecstatic, I promptly printed out 10 copies and passed them around the office. Very soon we had a few head-bobbing cows sitting around ITS, each with their own creative flair…my cow was green with a yellow head and udder. Awesome.

Dee, one of my co-workers enjoyed it so much that she used it as an assignment in class! The cows turned out to be a nice introduction to the peer review process. Dee writes:

I was skeptical that my students would berate me for giving them an adolescent project such as this. I was wrong, their efforts and participation in the activity downright amazed me! The assignment was to make a cow and to be as creative as possible. Many different cows made a showing including, a glitter cow, a cow with a fro, a cow with a Van Dyke, a studded cow, etc. The in-class activity, a cow judging contest where cows would be rated on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being worst, 10 being best) in the following categories:

  1. Overall Design
  2. Originality, Creativity and Innovation
  3. Shows Significant Time and Effort

Check out her blog for the rest of the pictures and winners! There were some interesting creations :) Oh, and day after her assignment, I came to work and found about 25 cows on my desk. w00t. Here’s a few of them:


Web Expressions – Creativity

Creativity In an assignment I gave on the first day of the Web Expressions class that I’m teaching, I assigned the reading of an essay then asked everyone to answer these questions:

  1. When are you the most creative?
  2. What are the necessary conditions for creativity?

I received an e-mail from someone asking me to clarify what I was asking you to do. Here’s my reply: (I made some edits so the e-mail looks prettier on my blog)

This assignment is pretty free-form…and should be answered however you can think to answer it. This class is a combination of web-centered topics AND creativity…which is what makes it so cool. (in my opinion) The article I had you read delves into a creative process and explains how it isn’t always as easy as one might think at first glance. It takes practice. As the article states, art is a mixture of ideas, logic, order, harmony, drawing, line, form, passion, romantic ideas, feelings, and masses of color.

With the questions I’m asking, I’m not assuming that everyone is an artist, but people can be creative. Art and creativity spans from painting to doodling, from music to planning an activity with friends, etc. The two questions that have been asked aren’t necessarily separate questions and can be answered as one. I want you to think outside the box. There is no right answer, so think deeply :)


When are you most creative? What are the necessary conditions for creativity? (i.e. what environment do you like to be in? What mood? What time of day? What events need to happen? Can you only be creative while wearing a bear suit and standing on one foot? That type of stuff)

If you haven’t been introduced to the wonderful power of Wikipedia, now’s your chance. Check out Wikipedia’s entry on Creativity. Its got some decent info that you may find interesting and helpful in answering your questions (if you have reached a stumbling block).

You may be wondering…”Why are we even discussing creativity?”
Well, thats a good question. If you see this prior to class, give it some thought. I’ll be asking you to answer this on Friday. (a.k.a. class participation)

If you have anything to add to this blog entry or would like to spur a discussion, by all means use the comment feature on this blog. (a.k.a. class participation)

To make comments: There is a link on the top line beneath the title of this article that says “Comments.” Click that then scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a place to enter your name, e-mail, website, and your comment.

Oh, and here is the agenda for tomorrow’s class:

  • Creativity Discussion
  • Creativity Activity
  • More on Blogs
  • Moron Blogs