World of Warcraft Satire: The Guild

While browsing YouTube as I typically do when I’m bored in the evenings, I found The Guild. The show focuses on “Codex”, a female WoW addict and her guild’s in and out of game interactions. The star, Felicia Day, is also the writer and has done an amazing job at capturing the varied personalities that you often encounter in an online gaming group.

As a former addict to World of Warcraft, I (and to some degree, my wife) could immediately relate with the characters and had us laughing throughout. The script is quality.

The Guild Logo

Here’s the first episode:

Episode 1

There are currently 3 episodes (with more in the making) and a gag reel. Check them out here:

I just found out from the official The Guild Site that episodes 4 and 5 just gained funding so those should be out at some point soon! w00t! I need to go donate :D

Rowan Atkinson Is My Hero

Rowan Atkinson is by far one of my favorite comedians, blessing the world with Mr. Bean, Johnny English, and many other TV and movie roles. While piddling around YouTube, I stumbled on a few stand-up shorts of his that made me laugh out loud.

Rowan Atkinson as The Devil (a.k.a. Toby):

Rowan Atkinson and Dirty Names:

Rowan Atkinson and Elementary Dating:

After all that, if you are still feeling the need to see more, check out his appearance on the Daily Show in 2003!