Summit 2007 Presentation Proposal

Like Zach, its time for me to submit my Summit Presentation Proposals. My plans for submitting presentations for Student Query v2.0 and Course Query v2.0 were smashed when competing priorities at work prevented me from pushing forward with those projects. They remain in the same state as last year. Regardless, I still have one presentation proposal this year, which I’ll put below (along with my updated bio).

My Title: Self-Service Banner Administrator and Senior Web Developer

My Bio:
Matthew Batchelder is from Plymouth State University in northern New Hampshire. His titles include: Self-Service Banner Administration, Senior Web Developer, and Business Analyst. Matthew’s projects revolve heavily around Identity Management, custom Student/Prospect tools, and web-based reporting. Summit 2007 will be Matthew’s second year presenting at SungardHE’s conference – at his first, Summit 2006, he presented on “Student Reporting Through SSB.”

Building for Prospective Students
Prospective Students are a key component of every campus. They become our students, but we have to interest them first! Delivering personalized content to the Prospective Student and a solid e-mail marketing strategy in the form of a Prospective Student Portal was the direction taken by Plymouth State University. This session will walk through the steps PSU has taken to plan, develop, integrate, and implement this Prospective Student Portal.

Multimedia Lab – Advanced Powerpoint Navigation

chimpanzee.jpgChances are, most of you have used Microsoft Powerpoint. For the class slides, simple presentations and such we only use the most basic features of the MS product. We are going to explore some of these features. The goal isn’t necessarily to expand our knowledge of Powerpoint but to experiment with some of the forms of navigation discussed in class.

The Scenario:
You are a scientist that studies chimpanzees. Last month you witnessed one or more chimpanzees do something that has never been done before. You were tasked with creating an application that details various aspects of that discovery…for some reason you chose Powerpoint as your tool.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Your application must make use of various forms of media. (text, images, etc) – 20pts
  • Your application must include at least 12 slides PLUS an additional notes slide that lists/describes the types of navigation used. – 20pts
  • Your application must utilize (at minimum) conceptual/modal navigation and hypertext. Other forms of navigation can be used as appropriate. – 25pts
  • Your application must not navigate as normal powerpoint slides navigate (i.e. advance on click). To get a starting point, read the instructions below. – 25pts
  • Use proper spelling and grammar. – 10pts
  • Be creative and have fun with the assignment! – Priceless

Setting Up Your Powerpoint Application For This Assignment:

  • With your powerpoint application open, click on Slide Show > Set Up Show….
  • In the Show options section, check the box: Loop continuously until ‘Esc’
  • In the Show slides section, check the From radio button and choose the start/end slides as appropriate to your application. (If your first slide is your contents where you begin all your navigation, then you’ll want the start/end boxes to be set to 1 and 1). Experiment.
  • …this is just a starting point. Explore the application and make it bend to your will.

Here’s a good reference for advanced PowerPoint stuff.

Handing in your Lab:
The lab is due next Friday at midnight. To hand it in:

  • log in to myPlymouth
  • click on the myCourses tab
  • click on the Multimedia course
  • go into the Assignments section
  • click on Lab 1
  • Browse to your powerpoint file in the form
  • Submit it