Game & Teamspeak Server

A few years ago, My friends and I established Clan Ubergeek (complete with officers and ranks) to organize and frag in the wonderful Battlefield 1942. We rented a server (whose name I cannot recall) at a pretty bloated price – but were reasonably happy. However, as with most things, interest slowly faded and our game server was retired.

Well, my friends and I have caught the FPS bug again and have an extreme urge to play good ‘ole Battlefield 1942! We’ve decided to start up a private 20-man game and teamspeak server (to support us an various guest invites). Not wanting to get stuck with a sucky price, Randy and I began hunting for game servers at an affordable slot/cash ratio. After a bunch of research, we found a service with a very reasonable price, good service, and excellent web administration. That service: GameServers. So far I’m pretty pleased!

So, if you’re on the hunt for a clan server, check out GameServers