CSS Selector Browser Support

As many web developers know, CSS support is highly varied amongst browsers. I often find myself hunting for which selectors are more heavily supported. As such, I thought I’d post a direct link to a quality resource here so I wouldn’t have to hunt anywhere besides on BorkWeb.

Here’s some decent resources:

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Damage Sheet

I have recently acquired a slick new Nintendo DS and will soon be playing the fairly new Pokemon Diamond game. This will be my first Pokemon video game and I’m actually quite excited…the game received an 8.5 from IGN along with a fairly ballsy review.

In preparation for the arrival of my game, I’ve done a little research into the Pokemon world (which I’ve always been a fan) to see how Pokemon creature types affect other Pokemon creature types. I found a nice table on Wikipedia and created my own sexy graphic that I can refer to whenever I want. Here it is:

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Damage Chart