Monchichis Theme Song

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of digging up retro songs and shows from when I was a kid. One cartoon intro that has eluded me for years can now be found on YouTube. The cartoon? Monchichis, a show that lasted only a season but one I would watch whenever I could. Due to its obscurity and short-lived life, my mentions about the cartoon amongst friends have often met me with a blank stare. Well…here’s the show’s intro for your viewing enjoyment:

Here’s the lyrics:

Way up in the trees live the Monchichis.
Monchichi Monchichi
They love to laugh and play and have a happy happy day.
Chi chi chi chi Monchichi Monchichi
Monchichi mean happiness!
Oh oh!
But the Grumplins very mean to the Monchichis.
Everyday they tease, try to catch and squeeze.
So back up in the trees go the Monchichis.
Chi chi chi chi Monchichi means happiness!

What is pretty cool to note is that Peter Cullen – the voice of Optimus Prime in Transformers (the show and movie) and numerous other Saturday morning cartoon characters – was the voice of 3 of the Grumplins; Shreeker, Snitchitt, Gonker.

Remember When

Remember when tv was good? Remember when the NES was the hottest thing on the market? When everyone knew the theme song to Gummi Bears and every kid wanted Hungry Hungry Hippos?

I often think back to my childhood and remember when the cartoons were actually worth watching. They were fun, colorful, and generally wholesome. Good times. Remember these: He-Man, Ducktales, Gummi Bears, The Wuzzles, The Smurfs, Shirttales, Teddy Ruxpin, Jem and the Holograms, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite.

Well, I came across a site (RetroJunk) that allows you to walk down memory lane and view the intros to many of your favorite childhood shows from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s! Cartoons and regular shows…plus it has some retro commercials (including a couple about NES and its games). As my wife and I were perusing the shows/commercials, we found ourselves remembering shows that we had forgotten about completely! There are some obscure ones there (Foofur, Count Duckula, Eureeka’s Castle, Denver the Last Dinosaur, etc :D) Check out the site…its awesome ;)

Once cartoon that I’m bummed that they don’t have on there is the Monchhichi’s…that cartoon is sooo incredibly hard to find information on. It must have been pretty short lived. Anyone else remember that one?