Pink Stang

Pink Stang

Alan Baker is getting a Mustang. Alan refuses to blog. is his friends’ effort to create a blog on Alan Baker related topics in honor of him. PinkStang is simply an aggregation of blog posts tagged “Alan Baker”. This will give him a record of events relating to him on both a personal and professional level. w00t.

So…where did the name PinkStang come from?

Over Google Talk, Al’s status message mentioned the color his new Mustang would be, so being the tool that I am, I altered my status message to urge him to purchase a pink one. Others in our office soon chimed in and agreed that pink was the right plan. Sadly, Al wasn’t keen on the idea. This only fueled our fun.

In reaction to Al’s refusal to purchase a pink Mustang, Zach started shooting around a domain name for him: Everyone promptly changed their status messages to the sweet – though slightly dirty sounding – domain and by the end of the day everyone in the office made a decision. Purchasing was the right plan. After a quick look on GoDaddy, we found that it was available, purchased it. Zach footed the bill and installed WordPress. I immediately went to work on creating the sweet pink Mustang and header graphic.

So whether Al wants to or not, he’s blogging :D