Ultimate Web 2.0 Collaborative Game: Eat Poop U Cat

Via Ajaxian a few days ago, I was re-introduced to a great party game that I have played with pen and paper a couple times in my life. The game results in off the wall drawing and serious laughs and it has found it’s way to the web in a collaborative game of sweet humorous action.

EatPoopUCat is the name of the game. Funny name? Yeah, well this game goes by many. You may know this game as: Fax Machine; The Paper Game; Pictophone; The Picture Sentence Game; The Sentence Game; Paper Telephone; Sentence Picture; Telephone Pictionary; Descriptionary; Writesy Drawsy; Cricket Cricket I’m On Fire; or Moneyduck.

The game works like so: Someone comes up with a sentence or phrase. That phrase goes to another person who draws a picture of the phrase. That picture goes to the next person who writes a phrase to the picture (without seeing the first phrase). Rinse and repeat. The web-based game works the same, you type a phrase in a box and hit submit, or you draw right on the site or upload a picture from your compy. Easy as that! Here’s an example result of a game I participated in:

Phrase 1:For your children, go straight to the wall and jump it like a gazelle


Phrase 2: It was a bright sunny day and kids were playing in the frontyard


Phrase 3: Outside the bar, Phil was roughed up by some plug-uglies who beaned him in the head with a volleyball.


Phrase 4: If the beer and power cords don’t get you, the low flying soccer balls surely will.


Final Phrase:He has 3 choises: Drink 2 Beers, throw Frisbee-pizzas or be a human bridge for the electricity.

It’s pretty cool how the phrases/pictures change as it gets passed from person to person. In addition to the ability to do the above, each ‘story’ can be commented on and rated. Plus, for pictures or interpretations you can give “kudos” to the author/artist. Oh! And as you participate in different threads, you can keep tabs on the statuses of those strips that you have done.

Lastly, for those of you that are Web 2.0 geeks, the site is Ajaxified with a combination of Google Web Toolkit, Amazon S3, and Amazon EC2, along with an in browser drawing utility that uses the Canvas element. Pretty snazzy. I’ve already wasted a great deal of time in the evenings on this site and many more to come!