WordPress Plugin: Sexy Comments

Unhappy with my theme’s comment display, I recently re-coded a sexier comment display as a plugin so others can sexify their comments as well.

Download the plugin.


  • Forum-thread-like comment layout: User information to the left, comment to the right.
  • Author post highlighting
  • Altered Trackback/Pingback Display Formating
  • Avatars
    • Either display/hide avatars
    • Select your avatar service of choice (Gravatar is the only option until I find more avatar services)
    • Specify maximum avatar dimension
    • Customize default/trackback avatars
  • “Number of Comments” Message Customization
  • CSS Overriding


  1. Download and unzip the sexycomments.zip
  2. Place sexycomments folder in your wp-content/plugins directory
  3. Log in to your WordPress admin panel and activate the plugin, then visit the SexyComments submenu of the plugins tab.
  4. Customize the settings until you have something that works for you.
  5. Locate the template file(s) in your theme that loops over and displays comments. Remove that comment output loop and replace with:
    < ?php sexycomments_print($comments); ?>  

    NOTE: Be sure not to touch the section that generates the form for adding comments! This plugin does not re-create the comment creation form.

  6. Lastly, consider disabling the plugin CSS and taking the example CSS provided and customize it to suit your theme’s color scheme.
  7. You should be all set, now! w00t w00t! Go make a Gravatar account if you don’t already have one and upload an avatar.

Juggling Knives

I used to juggle all the time. When I was a student at PSU, during the warm months I would hang out by Rounds Hall and juggle on the grass between classes simply as a fun, sometimes frustrating passtime. About a year ago I put my clubs an knives away and hadn’t touched them since. That changed this weekend.

My brother in law came to visit me this Sunday and through some random conversation I learned that he was interested in juggling! He told me that he juggles balls and clubs and has wanted to try knives and torches. Well, thats when I busted out with my juggling knives and clubs and we went to the park to goof around!

Man, I didn’t realize how much I missed juggling and just how fun it was (and tiring)! I’ve juggled off and on for a few years, so I’m not very good by any means…all the more reason for me to start up again.

If you are interested in juggling and you have a good grasp of the concept from juggling balls, then I would suggest trying out clubs. They are frustrating at first but once you get them, it opens a world of opportunity. You’d be able to juggle knives and torches, too! (If you can juggle clubs, knives and torches are just as easy…save for the scare factor)

Here’s what I suggest you get:

Clubs, I use Phatboyz. They are a little fatter than European style and MUCH better than American clubs.
For Torches, go with Dube Customs.
For other juggling supplies, check out Dube.

Oh…and check out my Juggling List on MasterWish.