Groovy Creative Cow Action

cows1It was a bad case of the Fridays. What is a guy to do when he needs his 15 minutes of procrastination? He googles. Yup. I did a Google image search for ‘Cow’ and came across Ben & Jerry’s Action Toy Cow. Ecstatic, I promptly printed out 10 copies and passed them around the office. Very soon we had a few head-bobbing cows sitting around ITS, each with their own creative flair…my cow was green with a yellow head and udder. Awesome.

Dee, one of my co-workers enjoyed it so much that she used it as an assignment in class! The cows turned out to be a nice introduction to the peer review process. Dee writes:

I was skeptical that my students would berate me for giving them an adolescent project such as this. I was wrong, their efforts and participation in the activity downright amazed me! The assignment was to make a cow and to be as creative as possible. Many different cows made a showing including, a glitter cow, a cow with a fro, a cow with a Van Dyke, a studded cow, etc. The in-class activity, a cow judging contest where cows would be rated on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being worst, 10 being best) in the following categories:

  1. Overall Design
  2. Originality, Creativity and Innovation
  3. Shows Significant Time and Effort

Check out her blog for the rest of the pictures and winners! There were some interesting creations :) Oh, and day after her assignment, I came to work and found about 25 cows on my desk. w00t. Here’s a few of them: