New World of Warcraft Forums

WoW Forum Icon Blizzard’s forum software has always sucked balls. It was about time that they re-code it and give it a face lift. Well, they have released their new forum Beta test for World of Warcraft, check it out! Features:

  • New design
  • New Avatars
  • Most Valuable Poster (MVP) Status*
  • A Search that works (their non-working search had always pissed me off)
  • Faster

*Most Valuable Poster (MVP) Status
To participate in Blizzard Entertainment’s MVP program, one must be a positive influence to the forum community in helping other users, as well as regularly active. If you meet this criteria, and the community team views such actions on a regular basis, there is a possibility you may be asked to participate in the program. Very few people are chosen for this honorary role, which may be revoked by Blizzard at any time. Please do not contact us requesting to be a MVP.

Good work Blizzard! Keep it up!

UPDATE: I guess I’m a tool, MVP status has been around a while. I suppose its just uses SUPER rarely.