Author Robert Jordan Passes Away

James Oliver Rigney, Jr. (a.k.a. Robert Jordan), author of the Wheel of Time series died on September 16, 2007 from cardiac amyloidosis. Robert Jordan was an amazing story teller, crafting one of the most memorable series I have had the privilege to read over the years.

The fact that Robert Jordan had not finished the twelfth and final book (A Memory of Light) before his death will give those that have been following the Wheel of Time series a sad realization that the series may not come to a close. One can only hope that his notes and unfinished works can be compiled and perhaps finished by another author that respects his work and knows the motivations of Rand al’Thor, Egwene al’Vere, Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara, et al.

But, of course, the unfinished book is secondary. Robert Jordan will be sorely missed in the Fantasy genre; his works have affected and inspired many. My condolences go out to his friends and family.