Pluto Forcibly Retired at the Age of 6,000,000,000,000,003

Pluto No, this isn’t an article like The Moon Is Made of Gas. According to C-Net, Pluto is no longer considered a planet by scientists due to the re-working of the definition of a planet. Had Pluto remained a planet in our solar system, our planet total would have quickly jumped to 12 by:

including Ceres, the largest known asteroid, which orbits between Mars and Jupiter; Charon, which has been considered Pluto’s moon; and the recently discovered 2003 UB313, an object nicknamed Xena that was discovered in 2005 orbiting far beyond Pluto.

C-Net further writes that

Pluto is now considered a “dwarf” planet because it has an oblong orbit that overlaps with Neptune. Ceres and UB313 or Xena will also be considered dwarf planets. Charon will have no special designation.

This will most definately take school teachers a bit of time to teach childeren the proper number of planets. I remember a similar fiasco when the 4 food groups jumped to 5. Now that was a troubling time in my youth.