Defense of the Ancients (DotA) AI

dota DotA is a great game with many game options. If you are new to this blessed game and wish to expand your knowledge and/or practice, your only real option is to play on with human teammates and opponents due to the lack of Artificial Intelligence built in. If you suck, you’re bound to face ridicule for the entirety of a game…which is enough to drive potentially good players from ever playing again.

Enter DotA AI. Shortly after a new version of DotA gets released, its equivalent version with AI is pushed out for download by the powers that be. I’ve played with AI only once and the bots seem to be pretty decent. They build their own items, team up and attempt to kill opponents, plus anything else you’d expect to see a player do. Pretty sexy. So, if you find yourself sucking and in need of practice…or you need your 10 person DotA match with no leavers, check out DotA AI.

What perplexes me is why they don’t build AI into the game as-is.

Get DotA AI here.