Blingo is Google with Perks!

I run around all day shouting ‘Google’ this and ‘Google’ that. I’m not going to stop. Its a cool company. So whats Blingo and whats so great about it?

Blingo is a search powered by Google. Its results ARE Google results, so for those of you that swear by Google and its excellent filtering of sites, well, you won’t lose anything by using Blingo. So whats the benefit of using the it? To put it simply…they give prizes. As you search through Blingo, you become eligible for prizes (that they give daily!). In addition, sign up through my link and we are forever hooked as friends. This means whatever either of us wins we both win it.

Sounds a lot like a scam, but here’s the thing, Blingo makes a pile of money off adsense advertising and they share a bit of that with us, their users. Simple concept, great execution. Don’t really believe me? Well, here are the flickr images tagged ‘Blingo’.

Anyway, go signup, it couldn’t hurt…