4 Million Dollar TV

Expensive TV

(found via Digg) Amazon currently has a $4 million tv up for sale. In all actuality, Trinet Electronic Networks seems to have entered an incorrect price for the 32″ LCD television which has sparked a few interesting comments:

Great value for your money
Eric Pheterson

I was kind of sketch about buying this specific unit because of the price, but the reviews and descriptions were promising. Once I got it, I opened the box and realized it’s covered in gold and has diamond studs all over it! It has an amazing picture, it’s definately a conversation piece!

What a great deal!!!!!
M. Elzinga

This is the best TV I have ever had!!! The TV is totally worth the 4 million I spent!!! I would totally suggest you buy this TV!!! It is an awesome deal!!!!!!

I would have given it one star

While I have never owned this tv, it is underwhelming for a price of over $4mm, truly amazing for such old technology.

Comments from Digg

I like how the “low price” indicator is shown! I guess I should buy 2 or 3…

No Free Shipping!!!???

I like the ‘Price at a Glance’ indicator in the top corner ‘List Price $2,699.95, New from $4,018,100.00. BARGAIN!!

No deal! I just bought an LCD TV for $3,500,000!

Boy, whoever did the data entry is sure to never hear the end of this :D