Superman Returns

Superman Returns Randy over at OptimalStupidity posted his spoiler free review of the new Superman movie: Superman Returns. He writes:

…To say I was satisfied with the movie would be wrong. I was absolutly blown away. Never has Superman seemed so real on screen. You could completely imagine the stuff you see in the movie happening in real life. I even caught myself this morning looking up into the sky and imagining seeing Superman fly by. It was an odd moment and it helped me solidify in my mind just how good a job they did on the movie.

He goes on to describe the cast members and their respective roles and is happy to report they all did their characters justice…this was one aspect that both he and I were worried about. How could you even match Christopher Reeve as Superman? Well, Randy reports that Brandon Rooth did an excellent job (although he’s still no Christopher Reeve):

Brandon Rooth did a better job as Superman than I could have hoped. There are moments in the film when you swear he’s channeling Reeve.

Needless to say, I’m sitting on pins and needles for Friday when I actually get to see the movie…I’m taking that day off to appropriately prepare :D