Office Prank: Tin Foil

IMG_6534.JPG Tin Foil Used: 1,100 square feet
Time Spent: 3 hours
Continual Manpower: 5
Cost: $30

During this past week, our first of four – and I dare say our crowning – prank was done to my manager‘s office. Using 1,100 square feet of tin foil, a number of co-workers and I coated the room in aluminum. This prank began after a long day of work…we grabbed 30 rolls of tin foil and we got right down to business.

The participants in this prank were primarily me, Al, Cliff, Casey, and Abby. Also making an appearance to help were: Jon and Bill (our DBAs) and Tim (our student Junior Web Dev).

The project began with no clue or even an estimate of how long the project would take. I started wrapping books and magazines individually that were sprawled on Ken’s desk, Jon started wrapping random objects, Bill tackled boards hanging on the walls, and Al attacked the computer monitors and docking stations. As Jon and Bill left after 30 minutes, Cliff, Casey, and Abby took their place where we tackled the office full force. I continued with wrapping the desk, cords, and the desk’s numerous…and I mean NUMEROUS items; Cliff wrapped the book case and 3 chairs; Al attacked the office corners; Abby wrapped folders, papers, and magazines; Casey wrapped clothing, name tags, a fan, and a number of other random items. Tim arrived a bit later and helped by wrapping a printer and a number of cords.


When all was said and done, the coating of Ken’s office took about 3 hours. The work was fun and all involved became very familiar with how cheap the tin foil was that I had purchased. Dollar store for the win. All in all, the final results were very pleasing. Check out the full gallery here!