Office Prank: Cups O Water

IMG_6578.JPGCups Used: 575
Time Spent: 45 minutes
Continual Manpower: 4
Cost: $25.99

This was our third prank this past week, done immediately following the Post-It Note prank. Using 575 16oz plastic cups, a number of co-workers and I covered my co-worker‘s floor and every other stable flat surface. This prank was actually a pretty fast one as we had a lot of help.

The participants in this prank was done by me, Al, and the Wisniewski family.

The cups were a mixture of clear and red (the red ones were a result of Wal-Mart not having enough clear). First, the word pwnd (a gamer word meaning “we destroyed” or “we devastated”) was spelled out in red cups (placed upside down). The surfaces of bookshelves and the desk were covered primarily in red…and then the floor began to fill out in clear. As cups were placed down, Al went back and forth between the water fountain and filled random cups 1/4 full of water with a blender pitcher.


575 cups is a fairly decent number despite the fact that they weren’t lip-to-lip on the floor. The fact that water was placed in a large number of cups causes me to pity poor Dan (the office resident) and his inevitable clean-up process. Check out the full gallery here!