Office Prank: Balloons and Missing Monitor

IMG_6641.JPGBalloons Used: 280
Time Spent: 1.5 hours
Continual Manpower: 3
Cost: $12

This was our fourth and final prank of the week. This prank was a two parter…pretty fun and easy.

The participants in this prank was: me, Al, Casey, Tim, and Laurianne.

Part 1: Stealing Dee‘s monitor. Why do this? Well, leading up to her trip to Vegas, Dee has continually (jokingly) expressed her worry that she’d return and her monitor (the sexiest monitor in ITS, Hyde Hall) would be gone. We didn’t want her worries to go away so Al and I stole her monitor and hid it in one of our DBA’s office (this done without his knowledge either). Of course…this part was super fast.


Part 2: Ballooning the Office. We used 280 12 inch latex balloons provided by Laurianne, blowing them up with an electric pump (thank god) provided by Al. Over lunch, work began on blowing up balloons, tying them, and tossing them into Dee’s office area. Because Dee and Laurianne share an office, I used plastic wrap and tape to separate the two sections and hold in the balloons! We had a nice system going for balloon blowing/tying and banged through this prank pretty quickly! This prank was a fun one that left the balloon tying people’s fingers a bit sore.

Check out the full gallery of both prank parts!