Multimedia Final Projects

According to our Final Project document, your first Planning Report was due today. I have pushed the due date off until next Tuesday (4/18) so as to give more ample opportunity for you to ask questions. Here’s the exerpt on what you will need to do:

Description of 1st planning report:
Each of the following items should clearly labeled in the report:

  1. A description of the topic of your project.
  2. A description of the measurable objectives of your project. I will be using the objectives that you indicate that you have for your project as my evaluation tool for the project.
  3. An indication of the authoring program you will use to put your project together (Flash, PHP, Powerpoint, some other tool like Java or Javascript).
  4. An indication of the software applications that will be necessary for you to complete the project.
  5. A beginning storyboard of your project. Note that this is the beginning of your project planning. The storyboard should lay out all the “pages” in your presentation, indicating what will be on each. This documentation must be reasonably complete. You can find more information on Storyboarding here.
  6. A description of how you will be using each of the cells in the 2D multimedia taxonomy from the Project Planning slides and why it makes sense for you to be using the cell that way. For example, for sound abstraction, you might indicate that each time the user presses a button, the sound of a bomb going off is heard. You must then explain why that choice makes sense given the goals of your project. If there is a particular cell from the taxonomy that you will not be using at all, you must explain why you will not be using it. This part of your report should be clearly linked to your stated objectives.