Monster Rabbits Feed North Korea

Deutsche Rammler für Nordkorea writes that a German rabbit breeder has bred rabbits the size of dogs! This breeder, Karl Szmolinsky won a prize for breeding Germany’s largest rabbit, a 23 pound “German Gray Giant” called Robert, in February 2006. Now that is quite a feat in breeding.

The article discusses the deal struck with Korea:

Szmolinsky, 67, from the eastern town of Eberswalde near Berlin, recalls how the North Korean embassy approached his regional breeding federation and enquired whether it might be willing to sell some rabbits to set up a breeding farm in North Korea. He was the natural choice for the job.

Each of his rabbits produces around seven kilograms of meat, says Szmolinsky, who was so keen to help alleviate hunger in the impoverished country that he made the North Koreans a special price — €80 per rabbit instead of the usual €200 to €250.

“They’ll be used to help feed the population,” Szmolinsky told SPIEGEL ONLINE. “I’ve sent them 12 rabbits so far, they’re in a petting zoo for now. I’ll be travelling to North Korea in April to advise them on how to set up a breeding farm. A delegation was here and I’ve already given them a book of tips.”

These rabbits are huge and, as rabbits love to have bunnies, rabbits as a food source in Korea isn’t the worst plan around. Szmolinsky states that he’ll be sending 12 rabbits to Korea and within a year, those 12 can create 60 more rabbits. Do the math, if that trend continues we may be seeing Rabbit ranches soon :D

If you’re curious how much food you can get off of one of those cuddly monstrosities…you can feed a family of 8 a good proportioned meal off of just one bloated bunny. Not too shabby!