Google Calendar Coming Down the Pipe

googlecl2.gif I knew it was coming, but when will it get here? I’m talking about Google’s Calendar a.k.a. Google CL2. It seems as if the calendar may come sooner than later, as google is leaving bread crumbs hanging around that point in the direction of a calendar app. Here’s a blurb from (where I first read about this sweet news):

I can’t see the links show up in Gmail itself yet, but if you go you can select which links to show. And when you go to the calendar url ( it gives you the login box, but if you try to login it gives you an invalid request page.

I’ve no clue what Google CL2 has in store, but I’m hoping for something on par with Zimbra‘s integrated calendar. I speculate that it will be hand-in-hand with Gmail, it will be Ajaxified, and I can only hope it has RSS features. Just another sweet tool to be added to Google’s list of services!