Chickipedia: Babe Encyclopedia

Chickipedia. A wiki of attractive women. Awesome? I think so…my wife doesn’t.

Yeah, yeah. So it feels a bit weird posting something like this on BorkWeb, but its one of those sites that you wish you had thought about it first. The site is a good idea. A lot of people would happily waste their time perusing Chickipedia. The layout is very well done, there are all kinds of blocks of content making women very findable, and…lets face it…the content itself is quality.

Chickipedia is not a porn site. Instead, the site is your one-stop-shop to see <insert-name-here>’s birthdate, nicknames, height, hobbies, measurements, ethnicity, appearances, photos, videos, etc. Much of the data – including the measurements (see below) – can be clicked on to find women who match that specific attribute.

Picture 2

As an additional cool factor, you can embed women in your own content as I have done with Elisha Cuthbert (below). Pretty nifty. Heck, the whole site is. Thank you Chickipedia. My wife may think you are stupid, but on behalf of males everywhere…we salute you.

Elisha Cuthbert – see more hot women