Matthew Batchelder

I’m a Software Engineer: Currently a Senior Engineer at Gigaom, my days are filled with writing, reviewing, and tuning code with my trusty editor: Vim.  Most of my work involves WordPress in some way, shape or form – but I also get time to play with Node.js, plenty of shell scripting for our Joyent infrastructure, and some other random languages where needed.

Prior to Gigaom, I was the Lead Developer at Plymouth State University, spending most of my time coding in the areas of Identity Management, E-Commerce, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, and Student Information.

I’m a Doodler: Armed with my Wacom Intuos4, I sling colors around in Photoshop in an attempt to create art. I’ve done the covers to acouple of books and have taken some commissions, however, the majority of my work is for fun. I have a gallery on DeviantArt. Oh, and I also create themes for Plymouth State University’s Campus Portal.

I’m a Star Wars Geek: Yeah. It is true. Using the above two aspects of what I do, I am the lead developer for an online Star Wars club called the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

I’m a Tough Mudder: I participated in Tough Mudder New England, 2011 and completed.  It was far from easy.  And yes, I ran it with a mohawk.